innovations james bond

An example of the quintessential “Gentleman”:  007 .  James Bond as shown/captured by a photo on Los Angeles Times

James Bond has it.  Cary Grant had it.  Rossano Brazzi melted women with it.  That certain smooth “je ne sais quoi” cool-under-pressure gentle yet smoldering strong masculinity.  It boils down to two things:  experience and confidence. Period.  It’s not about driving the most expensive car or drinking the most expensive brandy or wine.  It is about being comfortable in one’s own shoes- and more importantly: being able to be comfortable and act in any circumstance which the  life brings and the ability to make others comfortable.  Gentlemen with life-long exclusive private school educations and more extensive financial means only have one advantage:  they were schooled in some of the finer points of manners from an earlier age and have had more opportunity to practice what they’ve learned over time.   But that doesn’t mean that one can’t achieve the same style and savoir-faire as those who’ve been practicing longer have.   Having “class” simply means a well-balanced individual who uses his/her knowledge of manners & some of the finer things of life to serve them as well as a way of making others feel at ease as a service to them, not a snobbery.

For those grooms who would like to brush up on their skills,  or for those brides who would like to create a little fun and polish for their fiancé and their groomsmen before the wedding day, our Gentlemen’s Bootcamp is for you.  Each “bootcamp” is customized.  From a simple seminar held over cigars and brandy to one that brings in some fun activities in between the workshop sessions (think horseback riding, Rodeo 101, hang-gliding, playing pool, hiking and more), we work with the gentlemen on everything from how to order wine, proper table etiquette, toasting etiquette, to the proper way to introduce someone,  and much, much more.

007 James Bond Photo Credit: LA Times