Dear Future Bride/Groom, Family & Friends;

Welcome to one of the world’s most beautiful regions for exchanging and celebrating marriage vows: Santa Barbara, California. The American Riviera.  And my home.  Congratulations on a brilliant choice.  Welcome to our Website and thank you for considering me as your professional event consultant for your most special day.

As you probably read on our home and About/Who We Are  page, our motto is:  “Roots.  Experience.  Integrity.  Connections.  Soul.”  I should add something else to that:  family.   My  professional background, experience and endorsements are all listed on this Website and stand on their own with no further explanation necessary.  But I suppose what I’d like to add in this personal note to you is the element of family, which makes up the very center of my life personally and spills over into my professional life and love of producing weddings.

Clients come to me as strangers and depart friends.  I get to know the bride and groom , what their story is and what makes them unique and  then bring this individuality to their wedding day.   I get to watch families come together – some going to great lengths to do so- to support a union, which despite what the media or pop culture may say, is still a precious commitment which commands reverence even from the greatest skeptics.   I get to witness history and a memory being created for a lifetime and for generations to come.  Few people in their professions get to be a part of such a soulful part of life’s journey and for those of us who do – and who know how lucky we are – it makes our “work” feel effortless,  joyful.  It has been said,   “If you love what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life.”  I suppose this is true success in life – to love what you do and not feel like you are “working”.  If this is the case, I consider myself one of the most successful people on earth.    I’d like to think that this shows in my relationships with my clients and what they, their families and guests experience when they work with me and experience my style.

The job description of a professional event planner and coordinator is multitudinous.  But I count the best role of all the one not listed on resumes, work summaries and accomplishments.  It is the role of trusted confidante and temporary member of the family.

Whether or not you choose Santa Barbara Wine Country Weddings & Events for your special celebration, I am  delighted you visited our site, considered our services and I wish you every happiness for a successful wedding day and brand new life together.

Warm regards,
Kerry Lee (Dickey) Doehr

Certified Wedding Professional
Santa Barbara Wine Country Weddings & Events
Engaging Inspiration
Founder 2004 of the Mobile Wedding Planning Experience/Mobile Bridal Faire | Creator of The Groom’s Bootcamp and Gentlemen’s Lounge | Creator of Wine with a Wedding Planner | Creator of The Affordable Wedding Planning Series


KLD family collage

“Family is a priority to me personally and spills over into my love of producing weddings.” Above Photo: CEO/Founder Kerry Lee (Dickey) Doehr with her family