Throughout the years, Kerry Lee has consulted with properties in Mexico, Hawaii, The Caribbean and Southern California, and ranging from hotels to vineyards, to private estates and those building a special event location from scratch.

Because of Kerry Lee’s experience as a Certified Wedding Professional (over 600 weddings) , special training with the industry’s leaders on a national level and access to all kinds of industry “secrets” for understanding the highly complex world of weddings on the business –side, as well as writing a whole program for receiving maximum return on investments in wedding marketing, a sister division to Santa Barbara Wine Country Weddings & Events emerged: Engaging Inspiration. This division focuses on consultation, training and marketing for the wedding and special event business and venue.

Consultation plans are customized, depending on the clients’ needs.

A sampling of training topics includes, but is not limited to:

  • Complete Venue Evaluation from an event standpoint, including pricing, terms and conditions, event staff training and preparing the venue for maximum profit from weddings & events.
  • A Complete Social Media and Marketing Strategy
  • Wedding Package Development & Tools
  • Wedding and Special Event Marketing and Advertising
  • Wedding & Special Event Business Consultation
  • Catering Sales and Event Sales Staff Training and Development
  • Service Staff Training and Development
  • Bridal Event Consultation
  • Legendary Customer Service- taking it higher
  • Wedding and Special Event Promotions
  • Professional, Objective “Secret Shopper” Reports

Applause from previous location consultation clients:

“Our business tripled after we hired you to come in, get us organized, tell us where to focus our advertising and marketing. Your help creating our Website, in-house structure, pricing, policies and terms and conditions was invaluable. We are currently one of the most sought-after and sold out venues in the county and could not have done this without you.” -Southern California Private Estate

“I was mentioning today the buzz that’s being created by you.  It also fits what  our owner was looking for in our social media so thank you for filling that void for us.”-Luxury Four Diamond Property

“We are so grateful for your work and happy with the results.”-Private Country Club

 “I love that when we don’t have the time to find content for our social media, you take full charge and engage our visitors with with entertaining and valuable content pertinent to our business and their lives.”-Award Winning Full Service Caterer

For more information, contact us at Engaging Inspiration.