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Cocktails-N-Vinyl Vintage Basement Party

Blog, Special Events / 04.20.20142 comments

imageHow does a gal who grew up in the 1970’s in Southern California in a basement-less home decide to host a basement-party themed celebration?  I love the way middle-class parties were done in the 1950’s – 1970’s and I spent a year as a child living with my grandmother in the Pacific Northwest where she had an incredible basement and I attended a few basement parties in my friend’s homes. It always felt like a private world away from “reality” and lots of open space to just “hang”.  Fast forward to 2014, where it felt like a fun and inspired twist to  a “happy hour”.  Throw in my passion for music and love of the sound of music on vinyl with all the pops and scratches, and I suppose it makes me feel nostalgic for

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