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Complimentary Firestone, Foley & Lincourt Wedding Planning Guide Announced

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FFW Wedding Planning GuidePlanning a Santa Barbara wine country wedding at the world-renowned  locales of the Foley Family Wine Group just got a lot easier.  Santa Barbara Wine Country Weddings and Events introduces a Wedding Planning Guide customized to each Foley Family Winery : Firestone Winery, Foley Estates Vineyard and Winery and Lincourt Winery.  Each beautiful & distinct property has an infinite number of possibilities and this guide walks you through the possibilities of each site, all while maintaining FFW’s policies and unique logistics and considerations in mind, so you are assured of a seamless event. 


Avoiding “Hidden” Costs/Surprises with a Winery Wedding

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Photo by A. Medley

Photo by A. Medley

Having a wine country wedding is the ultimate in sophisticated rustic elegance.   There is nothing like it.  Knowing in advance some of the “small print” can help you plan a more accurate budget and ensure your wine country wedding is enjoyed and maximized to the fullest extent possible.

The average rental cost for a single event winery venue is $6,000.  But don’t think that that’s it for the bill from the winery and once you sign their contract, pay your deposit, provide proof of liability insurance that you’re done.   Below are some of the most commonly over-looked items on many winery’s contracts for events.

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