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Planning a Proposal | Santa Barbara Style Marriage Proposals

Blog, Event Planning Advice, Special Events / 06.18.20122 comments

We are honored to have seen an increase in requests to help plan marriage proposals.  While they are mainly the gentlemen who have come to us, we have had a few ladies come to us, too.  What’s unique about a Santa Barbara marriage proposal?  Just this:  that it’s incredibly difficult because there is so much to choose from.   Not just location-wise, but stylistically.  There are so many options.  Will you reserve the top of a tower overlooking Santa Barbara at dusk?  Go for a walk on the beach? Plan a scavenger hunt?  Rent a vintage car in wine country to drive you all over and pop the question at your favorite winery by candlelight in a barrel room? Propose while her whole family shows up to surprise and congratulate you both?

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