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Highlights of 2016 Wedding Trends

Event Planning Advice / 01.27.20160 comments

Example of Satellite Bar from Martha Stewart Weddings

Example of Satellite Bar from Martha Stewart Weddings

“Trends” are always an interesting phenomenon.  One has to ask the question if they are created strictly for marketing purposes with an agenda, or if there is a science of a pattern or if perhaps a hybrid of “all of the above”. Regardless, we find them fascinating, in most cases true and in all cases, entertaining and always, always creative!

Below are the top 2016 trends that are sweeping the wedding industry:


With Pantone’s Color of the year being Rose Quartz and Serenity, the palettes will be very soft.


Such as “woodland” and “rustic” are still in and are being blended with glam elements such as beads and some crystals and chandeliers, with the heavier focus being on the woodland and just a smidge of glam.



Bride’s and Bridesmaids Wear:


Debunking Popular Assumptions on Event Meal Service & Budget

Blog, Event Planning Advice / 01.12.20160 comments

"Expert in the Field" Guest Blogger Rachel Main of Main Course Ca Catering

“Expert in the Field” Guest Blogger & Chef Rachel Main

As a wedding and event planner, one of the biggest discussions with our clients is their spending plan (budget).  And since the majority of any event’s budget is dedicated to food and beverage, the menu one chooses can either keep one within their spending plan or blow it out of the water.  There are many assumptions that certain meal style services cost more or less (our personal favorite is the myth that Family Style must be less expensive automatically- see why it’s often the most expensive choice and why below).  Professional Chef Rachel Main (formerly of Main Course Catering and private chef to celebrity clientele) recently addressed the top assumptions about meal style and price and we are delighted to feature her as an Expert in the Field Guest Blogger today on Santa Barbara Wine Country Weddings & Events.




Debunking Popular Assumptions
By Rachel Main (Holst)

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