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How the Wording On Your Wedding Invitations Affects Your Entire Event

Blog, Event Planning Advice, Rants, Tip of the Day / 03.02.20140 comments

Life-Sized Wedding Invitation | Photos by Matt Edge

Life-Sized Wedding Invitation | Photos by Matt Edge

No, I will not just put down what time you “think” or “want” guests to arrive at your reception when I’m your Reception-only Coordinator and have not been involved with planning your entire wedding.   I need to see exactly what your guests see, and this is why I ask for a copy of your actual ceremony and reception invitation. It guarantees that I will view it as your guests will and what they will inevitably end up doing as a result of what you told them. This is also so we as the event supply partner team can be ready to meet this expectation.  And for most of us, we not only want to “meet” the expectation, but we want to exceed it.


Hire a True Professional

Blog, Event Planning Advice, Rants, Tip of the Day / 05.01.20089 comments

Many wedding suppliers say that they offer “coordination” for your wedding day. Think your caterer or DJ can act as your Coordinator?   Think again.  While these professionals may offer some elements of coordination, you may be in for way more problems than you’d ever thought.  Make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Hire an experienced, professional and dedicated coordinator whose exclusive job it is to look out after you and your event.  Want to know if your DJ or Caterer can carry out “coordination” for you?  Send us a list of what they plan to do for you and we will review it – on this blog – as a complimentary service to you.

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