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The Groom’s Lounge: Ode to the Groom | What Married Men May Not Be Telling You

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Photo by Mary Jane

Photo by Mary Jane

Shhhhhhh…. don’t tell anyone, but one of my favorite joys of producing weddings are the amazing men I get to meet who are the “intendeds” for my clients, the bride.  Most of the time, the planning is a joint effort and I work with both bride and groom and sometimes it is the groom planning everything for his bride.  But whatever his station or position is in the wedding planning process, I adore these gentlemen.  They are so happy that they have found the woman of their dreams, they are go-getters, straight-shooters, and often when a bride or her mother get stressed out and can’t follow through on action items for me, when everyone else seems to go to pieces, my grooms are the one constant steady in the equation, jumping in to be my hero – and ultimately the hero for the entire wedding in many cases.  They are simply fantastic.

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