Photos by Willa Kveta | Hair/Makeup by TEAM Hair & Makeup

Brides (or grooms who wear makeup, we are all inclusive here), can we talk? That friend who “does great makeup” who has offered to do yours for your wedding day and has a heart of gold? Give them a huge hug and thank them for their generous heart, but ask for a raincheck for some other night- like maybe date night with your partner.

After 20 years and over 600 weddings’ experience, I’ve heard that phrase by countless brides who are looking to save money (when they see the going rate of professional hair and makeup artists) or who are (with good intention) trying to make their friend who does makeup feel included in the wedding. And I’ve also seen the results of the DIY, and the well-intentioned friend vs. the professional. You don’t notice the difference until it’s too late and it really counts.

With the amount of money you are investing in a great photographer (and possibly videographer), how you look is going to have to be top-notch from early in the day until very late at night. To get that “natural” look requested so often, it takes a lot of layers and blending, contouring and much more. In fact, in my experience, it takes more makeup to look natural in photos than not. But here are the top reasons investing in an experienced and professional makeup and hair artist is a necessary line item in your wedding spending plan:

  1. Professional Makeup Artists have professional grade quality products they use on you. What does this mean? It means their products- and their knowledge of how to apply it with the right brushes, quality applicators and more means it is going to last for hours and hours over the products that your well-intentioned friend most likely bought in the store at a walk-up counter or off the rack in a drug store.
  2. On no other day will your makeup and look be put to more of a challenge than on your wedding day. You will be up early (did we mention professionals know how to treat those bags, dark circles and more for tired, stressed, and often jet-lagged faces so you look fresh as a daisy) and you will be on the go for pre-ceremony photos hours before the ceremony, endure the ceremony, often tears of happiness (look out eyeliner and mascara!), more photos post-ceremony, and did we mention dinner and dancing until late at night (that’s sweat, food, beverage, hugs from family and friends) and all while the photographer- and your friends and family- are taking photos? Professionally applied makeup with professional grade quality product will endure the gauntlet you and your makeup will have to run on your wedding day, keeping you picture perfect well into the evening.
  3. With hundreds of weddings under their belt, they have the savoir faire to handle anything thrown their way. Mistakes, weird weather, mishaps, unusual features that need camouflaging, highlighting, balancing out unevenness, you name it: they are artists who have not only the eye and training, but experience with how to deal with anything unusual.

My top tips ? See below….

Photos by Willa Kveta | Hair/Makeup by TEAM Hair & Makeup

1) Splurge and pay for the “touch up” after the post-ceremony photos, allowing a quick refresher before you head into cocktail hour and dinner and dancing.

2) Check with your photographer (or wedding planner) on when pre-ceremony photos begin, add 30 minutes prior to that (my little trick, which allows for artists who may run a bit over , or other contingencies) and tell the artist that’s when all hair/makeup needs to be complete.

3) Always, always insist on a trial prior (even if you have to pay extra for it – do not presume it’s included in your wedding day beauty fee, although many include a trial in the fee, so read carefully or ask) and

4) Tip your hair/makeup artists, unless the contract includes a service charge that goes to the staff.

Remember, the photos taken of you will be enjoyed for generations and even make great keepsake gifts for family. How you look and want to be remembered on this landmark day is an invaluable investment.