Once upon a time she dared to dream. And she kept at it and kept at it. The work, my God the work. For years. Trying and stumbling. Learning. But never giving up. Grateful for every stumble, every lesson, every Angel that appeared along the way. And then suddenly , just like that, she went from “one day” to Day One.

Friends, I am beyond thrilled to announce my acceptance of a position with the team of Disneyland Resort at The Grand Californian Hotel & Spa effective August, 2022.

As Tiana from Princess and the Frog sings, “I remember Daddy told me
‘Fairytales can come true; You gotta make ’em happen. It all depends on you’ ”
So wish on that star. Do the work. Dreams do come true.

Fireworks from my balcony of my room at Grand Californian Hotel- in honor of my acceptance of their offer, of course (or so I like to tell myself) . 😉

Scaling this summit has only shown me that I still have more summits to go – even higher ones than this. This is not “happily ever after” as an end. It marks the beginning of a whole new story. Stay tuned.