So pleased to have guest blogger YTS Videography lending their expertise for planning your Santa Barbara wedding, talking about the importance of hiring a professional videographer.  We cannot stress enough the value of numbers 2 and 5 below – and another question to ask your videographer: what will they be wearing the day of your wedding as they work?  Being non-intrusive takes real skill, but also dressing appropriately to fit in for the propriety of a wedding is paramount, too.  YTS Videography takes their top 5 questions and provides you with answers to consider for your Santa Barbara wedding.

The Top 5 Questions For Couples Looking At Wedding Videography

by YTS Videography

1. How much will a professional wedding film cost?

Prices for wedding videography can vary dramatically and are not always a proper gauge for quality.  At YTS Digital Films we pride ourselves at  providing our clients with award-winning production value at an affordable cost.  One of the most important messages we try to convey to prospective    clients is that you cannot shop for wedding videography just by price. It is an art form and there are huge differences between companies.

2. Will the videographer be intrusive on my wedding day?

That depends on whom you choose to film your wedding. There are many  companies out there that will treat your wedding day like a commercial shoot, disregarding the true meaning of the event. Our company has built a  25+ year reputation on being totally unobtrusive while capturing every detail and nuance of your day.

3. Who will actually be filming and editing my wedding?

This is always a huge concern with couples we speak with. Many companies rely on contract shooters and editors brought in and out of various projects.    A couple may not even know who their videographer will be until the day of         and they certainly won’t know whose editing their wedding. At YTS Digital  Films you will have a production team that is exclusively comprised of Gary,  Harlene, William and David Conlin. With experience and commitment we are    able to take each couple’s wedding production from start to finish.

4. What will my finished wedding film look like?

Our studio listens to each couple as they craft their own style for their wedding film. Incorporating their music choices and highlighting the most     important moments of the day, we weave together a cinematic memory that couples will cherish for years to come. Also, unlike most companies out there, we provide our clients with an edited “documentary-style” master footage     collection along with your custom wedding film, so you can relive your  wedding day in it’s entirety whenever you please.

5. What’s the difference between having a professional wedding videographer or having a friend/family member film my wedding?

In a word: everything. A friend or family member probably does not have the experience, commitment or equipment to properly capture the most  important day of your life. Wedding filmmaking is an exclusive art form built  upon years of experience. You do not want your wedding memories looking     like they were filmed on a cell phone. You owe it to future generations to  share with them a piece of visual art that captures your family at a moment in  time.