Turn industry cliques into collaborative and inclusive teams with “Shattering the Cliques That Divide Us“.  One of our 2022 Speaking Collection topics, attendees will start with a foundation of understanding why cliques are formed, their perceived purpose, and how they are adversely impacting the special events industry.

A recent research project with an entirely different original agenda for the speaker’s Stanford innovation coursework revealed some unexpected results from a random select group of event & hospitality professionals from around the world.  The findings of which shine a light on how we can better integrate inclusion, better communication and compassion into every one-on-one interaction as well as networking and educational events in which we produce or are associated.

Spark inspiration to be part of the change – whether you are in a clique (intentionally or unintentionally) or not. Better awareness is part of empathetic leadership, and empathetic leadership builds better community, teams, productivity, and a better industry.

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