As a Santa Barbara wedding and event planner, we work with all the major rental companies through our required Full Service Caterers.  One of the most important elements of working with a rental company is that of service and choice.  The full service event professionals at Ventura Party Rentals not only keep on top of the latest trends, but keep their inventory up to date, know the leading event venues in Southern California, so they know what is necessary to produce an event at that location,  offer up front and competitive pricing with no hidden agenda or fees.   Further, because they are active volunteers , sponsors and supporters serving our community in many capacities, they are all about the individual and their needs and not just forcing a customer to “policy” for policy’s sake only.  It is a joy and privilege to have them as leaders in the events industry and also to have them as our Guest Blogger today for tips  on planning your Santa Barbara wedding.


What Every Bride Should Ask her Event Rental Supplier

By Heidi Whitcomb, CEO Ventura Party Rental Center

1)            What is your policy on weather issues or changes?

Due to the unpredictability of the weather this is a very important question.  Weather can make you need to change your order dramatically, due to possibly changing locations, or you may have to come up with a plan to keep your guests warm and dry and still be outside.  At Ventura Rental we have a policy that we will take care of heating and tenting any existing clients prior to taking on a new client in the event of inclement weather.  We generally ask for these decisions to be made four to five days before the event so we can prepare with required tenting permits and the correct equipment to make sure the job is done properly.  When rainy weekends are approaching we often get calls on Friday from new clients wanting to tent.  Due to fire safety laws pertaining to tenting and the urgency of timing, this can be a request that has to go unfulfilled or can be a real budget buster.    If we are given this same request a few days earlier it is much more likely to be a reality and allow the event to continue as planned, just under a beautiful canopy.


2) What services are covered under normal delivery and pick up fees?

Delivery, pick up, set up and installation and removal of the equipment can have a large affect on your bottom line costs.  It is important for your rental dealer to know ALL the information regarding what services you need or your venue requires so that your order can be quoted appropriately.  Many times we are given bare bones information at the original booking of the order and then have to revise the information, such as adding a midnight pickup, and adding the correct cost for the additional service.   We keep the requirements of all local venues on hand for reference, yet some venues will alter their requirements due to other events at the same location so it is important to look at each event individually.  It is also important to know if we have stairs, long carries or any other obstacles or unique situations when delivering so we can come prepared.  If it is a site we are unfamiliar with we will do a site visit ahead of time.  At Ventura Rental we provide all different types of services so communication and correct information are vital for all parties to achieve exactly what services they need.


3) Would there be any thing else you would suggest or change if it was your own event?

This is a tricky question.  Over the years we have seen MANY events from inception to completion.  We have learned some tricks of the trade along the way.  Some bridal couples are very set in what they want and are not really looking for any additional suggestions and yet some are very open to changes and input from others.  Therefore, if we know you are open to suggestions from others then we will help you look at your event as a whole and possibly point out some ways to help you achieve your end result or make your event run a little smoother.  Remember the planning process can be a year or longer.  Multiple times I have run across a product or an idea during the process that has inspired me to reach out to a client and pass the idea along if I know she is open to input from others and will receive it in the helpful manner it is given.


4) Is there anywhere you see I can decrease my costs without changing the look of my event?

This is a great question due to the large amounts of events that we see each year.  Very often we can look through someone’s order and help them figure out if it has any “fat” for them to trim.  We can also offer some tips as to things that can be changed without affecting the integrity of the look or the event.   Many times we can help with a simple change that guests will be unaware of that will save the party hosts hundreds of dollars.


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