2012 has been one of our best years yet.  Inspiration after inspiration hits as our business evolves and we have the honor and privilege of collaborating with some of the industry’s finest.  Here are a few highlights of what we’re up to:

Trend-Setting Industry Events: In 2004, we created, copyrighted and produced the first event of its kind ever:  the mobile wedding planning experience, which was documented in the prestigious Grace Ormonde’s Wedding Style Magazine as the first category of its kind, earned numerous press write-ups, was featured on television and co-sponsored by Santa Barbara Wedding Guide and many of Santa Barbara’s finest event supply partners.  We have something in the works now, taking this concept to a whole new level and the Grand Reveal will take place very soon.





New Subdivision Started:  We are proud to announce our new subdivision, Engaging Inspiration, a social media consultation service dedicated to event professionals and specializing in small, boutique businesses.  After years of ghost writing for various clients, blogging for herself and others, publishing newsletters, magazine articles and much more, CEO/Founder Kerry Lee Dickey was asked to oversee social media , blogging and marketing for several leading event businesses.  After doing so for 3 years, Kerry Lee began to attend training on SEO for blogging to maximize the chances of viewers finding her client’s Websites and businesses.  She found that most in the events industry are so busy working in the industry, they don’t have time to work “on” their business and even fewer are comfortable writing or know the delicate science behind blogging effectively and how to maximize social media to their benefit.  Always wanting to create an answer to the industry’s calling and blaze a new trail, Kerry Lee founded Engaging Inspiration to answer this need for busy event professionals.  Please “like” Engaging Inspiration on Facebook!


We have experienced a boom in our wedding bookings and also speaking engagements this year and still interview our clients as carefully as they interview us to ensure that we maintain balance in our life for our family, work, social media clientele and other important projects.  When you are truly doing what you love, it does not feel like work at all.  And the inspiration just won’t stop!  We look forward to a great 2012 wrapping into 2013!