Photo by Dia Rao: Location: Foley Winery

Photo by Dia Rao: Location: Foley Winery | Lighting by SPARK Creative Events

Throughout my years as a Santa Barbara wedding planner, I am always intrigued why some clients choose to hire event supply partners (vendors) outside our area when we have world-class providers right here.  99.9% of all my clients are from outside Santa Barbara.  I’ve observed that that about 1% of clients hire outside-of-the-area vendors because they have a friend who is in the business and will provide the service at no charge; about 5% are from the Los Angeles area and are drawn to a service in their hometown that they can access more easily for appointments and are led to think that no service in Santa Barbara would be able to provide what they are getting in Los Angeles (in extremely rare cases, the latter may be true, depending on the detail of what the client is searching for).  But the majority of Santa Barbara wedding clients will save up to 75% by hiring a world-class local event supply partner.  From caterer, musician, rental company, cake provider, and more, some of the industry’s finest are already here in Santa Barbara.  Why?  Because Santa Barbara is a destination wedding hot spot, the residence of Hollywood royalty, vacation spot for royals, celebrities and the elite.  It has to maintain services that cater to this clientele.  The trick is knowing which services are worthy of a “royal reputation” and which are not.  That’s where an experienced, professional wedding planner can assist.

Besides being environmentally-aware, hiring local event supply partners also has the following benefits:

  • Saves significant money from travel fees, overtime fees and more.
  • If food is involved, it stays fresher coming from a local provider.
  • If something is not right and needs correcting, a local event partner has the time to go to their headquarters or pull their resources to make it right immediately.  A service that is hours away will never be able to correct something in time.
  • Most local experienced and reputable event partners are highly skilled at and familiar with your wedding venue.  Their experience means that they know the restrictions, policies, limitations and timing involved at the venue and therefore you will not be charged overtime or penalized for their mistakes from lack of familiarity with the area or wedding venue.

Photo by: Michael Anna Costa | Location: Bacara Resort & Spa