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With the recent Thomas Fire and Flood devastation in Santa Barbara wiping out or causing delay to several popular wedding locations, engaged couples may think Santa Barbara is simply not the spot to get married in 2018.  On the contrary, I think it is better than ever – especially when you have a professional planner to help you navigate the logistics of what is available, and suits your spending plan and date.  A local professional wedding planner’s knowledge means he/she is in the trenches of what has been going on here location-wise, as well as is privvy to locations and venues (many not advertised to the public) and because of his/her in-depth knowledge of location, site fees and more, will know almost instantly the leading locations to which you should be steered, saving you invaluable time and money.  

Fell in love with one of the locations with an epic ocean view or one tucked in the mountains where celebrities have exchanged vows over the years but these locations are sadly closed for half the year or indefinitely?  We have other resorts, many private estates, ranches, wineries and more which may offer similar styles and feel.  The few local wedding venues which were devastated by the recent devastations of nature  should by no means deter anyone from the rest of Santa Barbara’s hundreds of varied wedding locations, some of which are willing and ready to negotiate a little more in 2018 to accommodate your business.

Whether you hire a professional wedding planner to simply location scout, meet with you for a few hours to help get you on track with some Santa Barbara wedding location advice based on your vision and spending plan (budget), or you hire him/her for full service planning, investment in a local pro’s expertise has never been more important at navigating the wedding location scene.  There are plenty of gorgeous Santa Barbara wedding locations just waiting to be seen and shown.

Not sure where to start or if a full service planner is for you?  We recommend our Mobile Wedding Planning Tour for Two as a fun but incredibly practical way to jump start wedding planning with no further commitment after.