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When It’s Time to Get Real About Your Wedding Venue & Budget. Top 3 Mistakes Clients Make

Blog, Event Planning Advice / 10.04.20142 comments

kld collage4It’s time for a reality check.  After hundreds of  weddings, I see this almost all the time:  couples come to our world-renowned Santa Barbara including  its beautiful wine country and see the epic resorts, private estates, ranches, beaches and wineries and they are smitten.  This is one of the reasons I’m so proud to call this place home and specialize in weddings in America’s Riviera.  The location options afford a unique wedding experience for the wedding couple that they – and their guests- will remember for a lifetime.

That said, with venue rentals ranging $7,000-$10,000+ just for the location (and often locations with incredible restrictions), many newly-engaged wedding-location- seekers are so star struck when they find that “perfect” venue that is “the” one, they will do whatever it takes at any cost to host their wedding at that location.  This means that they will


How the Wording On Your Wedding Invitations Affects Your Entire Event

Blog, Event Planning Advice, Rants, Tip of the Day / 03.02.20140 comments

Life-Sized Wedding Invitation | Photos by Matt Edge

Life-Sized Wedding Invitation | Photos by Matt Edge

No, I will not just put down what time you “think” or “want” guests to arrive at your reception when I’m your Reception-only Coordinator and have not been involved with planning your entire wedding.   I need to see exactly what your guests see, and this is why I ask for a copy of your actual ceremony and reception invitation. It guarantees that I will view it as your guests will and what they will inevitably end up doing as a result of what you told them. This is also so we as the event supply partner team can be ready to meet this expectation.  And for most of us, we not only want to “meet” the expectation, but we want to exceed it.


Destination Santa Barbara Wedding Inspiration | Santa Barbara Wedding Planning Tips: Your Rental Company

Blog, Event Industry Businesses & Professionals, Event Planning Advice / 04.03.20120 comments

As a Santa Barbara wedding and event planner, we work with all the major rental companies through our required Full Service Caterers.  One of the most important elements of working with a rental company is that of service and choice.  The full service event professionals at Ventura Party Rentals not only keep on top of the latest trends, but keep their inventory up to date, know the leading event venues in Southern California, so they know what is necessary to produce an event at that location,  offer up front and competitive pricing with no hidden agenda or fees.   Further, because they are active volunteers , sponsors and supporters serving our community in many capacities, they are all about the individual and their needs and not just forcing a customer to “policy” for policy’s sake only.  It is a joy and privilege to have them as leaders in the events industry and also to have them as our Guest Blogger today for tips  on planning your Santa Barbara wedding.


Destination Santa Barbara Wedding Inspiration | Santa Barbara Wedding Planning Tips: Videography

Blog, Event Industry Businesses & Professionals, Event Planning Advice / 03.26.20121 comments

So pleased to have guest blogger YTS Videography lending their expertise for planning your Santa Barbara wedding, talking about the importance of hiring a professional videographer.  We cannot stress enough the value of numbers 2 and 5 below – and another question to ask your videographer:


Destination Santa Barbara Wedding Inspiration | Santa Barbara Wedding Planning Tips: DJ

Blog, Event Industry Businesses & Professionals / 03.16.20121 comments

Owner/Founder Scott Topper Productions, Scott Topper

After over 600 weddings in Santa Barbara and its surrounding areas, we are continually asked for our wedding planning tips and secrets of what to look for when hiring an event supply partner for a Santa Barbara wedding.  Professionals in the Santa Barbara area come and go, but the top notch ones stay.  Because many brides do not know who is reputable, who has a proven track record and who is just all fluff and whose lack of knowledge may impact their wedding day disastrously, we are dedicating our next several BLOG posts with our top Santa Barbara wedding planning tips, covering many of the major Santa Barbara wedding vendors for big day.  Today, our guest blogger is Scott Topper  of  Scott Topper Productions.

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