As a native Santa Barbaran, I’ve seen businesses come and go.  And especially in the events industry.  Today I had the privilege of making an in-person visit to La Tavola Linen in their darling boutique right in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara and learned that they are so much more than a company with hundreds of specialty linens to choose from.  Besides an absolutely decadent place to sit and design your event, Brandi and Melissa offer hundreds upon hundreds of linen samples from which to choose.  I’ve never seen such variety in my life.  But sitting there and marveling at the art that was before me, I learned some things about La Tavola that really make them stand apart.

    • They are significantly less expensive than most of their competitors
    • They are family-owned and operated and service is paramount
    • They rent linens exclusively- and nothing else.  This is their specialty.
    • They make, alter and clean all of their linens “in-house”.
    • Every linen is micro-chipped, helping to ensure minimal loss and therefore minimizing mistakes in returned linens (for which the client could pay for unnecessarily. Their inventory-taking process is state of the art)
    • All of their sensational napkins are lined – not only providing the classiest of looks and feels of truly upscale linen, but helping guests know what side of their napkin to use.
    • No order is too small.  They even will rent one napkin, if necessary.
    • Their nominal $35 Local Delivery Fee also includes Pick Up.

    I had an incredible time visiting and going through the hundreds of linen samples.  But when you go, make sure you have them actually pull out the full linen of the sample you want – seeing it on an 8 inch patch vs. seeing it brought and spread out with other complementary linens in different textures, patterns and fabrics makes all the difference in the world in helping implement your vision.

Here’s to the elegance of “art” at every event – including life!