staff-heidiI have been working with Ventura Rental Party Center Owner Heidi Whitcomb for over 17 years. She is unwaveringly one of the most remarkable women I’ve ever known in my life.  Her business reflects the soul of who she is.  For her, business is about community and building relationships and she invests heavily in all her relationships- personal and business.

Heidi has incredible knowledge of event rentals and her experience is one of the primary reasons I trust her so much. With over 30 years in the industry, she has been recognized by colleagues locally and nationally with awards such as National Association of Catering Executive’s “Event Professional of the Year”,Venue of the Year” and “Inspirational Member of the Year” (two times).  She has been presented with “Supporting Organization of the Year” twice as well.   Heidi also won the coveted National Association of Catering Executive’s “President’s Award.”  The latter national service award is given to leaders who are considered “selfless givers” and is awarded to only one outstanding member annually.

homepage2A dedicated  believer in community involvement, Heidi and her team are involved with  multiple community event projects on a monthly basis including Relay for Life, Ojai Music Festival, Casa Pacifica Wine and Food Festival and several other non-profit organizations.


No matter how busy Heidi is, she always makes everyone feel that they are number one and the only person in her life, which I find incredible, considering her company is doing an astounding 300 events per month plus all her other commitments.  She is simply amazing and I am honored to know her and work alongside her all these years.  Below is a personal interview with Heidi, perhaps sharing some things you did not know about her.

Where were you born and raised?  I was born in Vista California and spent time living in Modesto, CA  and Twin Falls, Idaho before moving to Ventura in 1978.

Where has been your favorite place to live?  Right here where I am now.

 Where have you traveled to that you simply must return to (or never been to and want to go)? My biggest bucket list trip is a Safari in Africa.  I hope to make it a reality soon.   

 What are your hobbies? What do you do when you are not working?  I love to be home with my husband Mike or our children when I am not working.  We have a little property in Ojai where we have eight chickens, a large bee hive, a garden and fruit trees.  I LOVE to come home after a long day and spend a few quiet moments tending to these things.  This is my balance. 

 What makes you feel most alive?  Traveling makes me feel alive.  I always need to have a trip planned in the horizon to feel some balance.  We love trips with a little bit of adventure.  Currently we have a trip planned for January where we are going to Baja to swim with the Whale Sharks and also see the Grey Whales and their babies.  That is what I mean by adventure. 

 How did you get into the events world? In 1978 my father, who had always been in livestock, bought a rental business with a college buddy.  I worked side by side with my Dad for a few years in the construction and tool side of rental.  One day he mentioned that he noticed  when I spoke about or observed the special events part of the rental world that I had a gleam in my eye.  My Dad had great faith in me and told me that if I wanted to start the special event side of our rental business he would support and fund it to get it off the ground.  I bought a few tables and chairs that day and never looked back!  Today I have the pleasure of being involved with over 300 events a month.   

 What do you love most about what you do? I love that in my world I get to celebrate other people’s life events.  Many times it is a beautiful wedding, yet we have our hands in many baby and wedding showers, and also some amazing memorial and corporate events.  I also am a problem-solver by nature.  In the special event industry there often seems to be a  “challenge” that comes up that needs to be resolved and I love to be part of the resolve and have a happy and pleased client.  I also have the extreme pleasure of waking up each day and wondering what life event I will get to create today.  I feel so grateful that even after 30 years in the business I am still excited to go to work and see what the days brings. 

 What is the one thing most people may not know about you? The one thing people may not know about me is that I really am a little farm girl in my heart.  I joke that when I am reincarnated I want to come back as a rich person’s gardener.  I do not wish to be the rich person because that is stressful.  I just want to be able to put on my shorts and sandals and to be able to go out in nature and make the world a little more beautiful with no stress involved. 

 I also cry alone all the time.  I do not cry tears of sadness (well once in a while) but mostly tears of gratitude.  I think of all my blessings and people in my life that are special and amazing to me and it just makes me cry a bit. 

 What is your favorite food? I love great food.  I have been eating a Primal, grain and sugar free diet for over a year, so my favorite is food is whatever tastes fantastic that fits this plan, especially when someone else cooks it.

 What are your top 3 favorite rental items in stock and why?    I love fabrics and texture so one would vpr linenshave to be great linens.  I love the difference a particular  linen can make to an event.  It is one of the largest pieces of decor an event can have and really sets the stage for the look event. 

I also am loving the small plate food trend and the way the food  can be presented to the guests.  We have small square 3″ bowls, little triangle plates, and many other items that make for a fantastic food presentation. 

 My third thing I have been enjoying is the eclectic decor that is being put together to help the client come up with their look.  Years ago everything had to be “matchy-matchy”, today it is perfectly acceptable to mix metals, vintage with sophisticated, and even use different types of chairs on the same table.  This is so fun and really personalizes it for party hosts. 

To contact Ventura Rental Party Center for your next wedding or event, click here or call them at:  805-644-4496.

The Whitcomb Family | Photo by Stephanie Hogue

The Whitcomb Family | Photo by Stephanie Hogue