Wedding Planner Newcomer Workshop

“A Power-Lunch Mentorship Experience”

Third-generation Santa Barbaran, Certified Wedding Professional, and founder of one of the area’s most successful and long-standing event planning companies Kerry Lee (Dickey) Doehr created this workshop in response to the demand of local newcomers seeking authentic and experienced advice from a trusted and experienced professional.

Read about our last sold-out PowerLunch Mentorship for Wedding Planner Newcomers from October 25th.

Workshop Highlights:

  • The unique challenges of Santa Barbara & Ventura Counties on producing events
  • Deciding what you will offer– packages, hourly rates, and more
  • Contracts– basic inclusions, including suggested terms and conditions
  • Marketing & advertising

Review of online and print options

The best course of action for starting out

The least effective ways that waste money and time

The most effective ways that maximize money and time

Networking: traditional and evolving trends

Social media & blogging basics for wedding businesses

  • The art & necessity of building community
  • Professional Coordinators vs. other industry “coordinators”
  • Event industry ethics
  • The #1 source of business when you are starting out and how to maintain it
  • Q&A – bring your most pressing question to the session and receive advice from Presenter Kerry Lee as well as support from your colleagues & new friends in this intimate, more personalized setting


What’s Included

  • Professional expertise from a reputable, established and successful wedding planner with take-away steps to implement immediately
  • A casual lunch with sparkling bubbly
  • Inspiring Tablescapes and Event Rental Displays by Ventura Rental.
  • Our signature “Little Black Box” surprise
  • Networking: meeting new friends and colleagues
  • The “Wedding Planner Essential Paperwork” (contract templates and more-also known as “Priceless Paraphernalia”) will be available for 50% off for all attendees)
  • A portion of ticket sales are going to Direct Relief International, specifically to our community in support of the recent Thomas Fire & Flood.
  • Other treats, surprises & serendipity, including pre-event day bonus content


Helpful Information:

  • Due to the intimate, almost personal consultation-nature of this workshop, space is limited to 10 guests.
  • Dates: Wednesday, October 25, 2017 &  January 31, 2018
  • Time: 11:00am-2:00pm
  • Location:  Ventura Rental Party Center, Ventura
  • Investment (ticket price): $49 for 10/25/17 |  $55 for January 31, 2018 (donation to Direct Relief for Thomas Fire/Flood)
  • Contact Kerry Lee directly via email (link below) with any questions.

All spaces are held on a first come, first-served basis and we are close to selling out.

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About the Presenter

Kerry Lee (Dickey) Doehr is a third-generation Santa Barbaran and Certified Wedding Professional who has produced over 2,000 weddings and corporate events combined. As the owner of one of Santa Barbara’s leading wedding planning businesses (Santa Barbara Wine Country Weddings & Events), Kerry Lee’s expertise has reached an international level as a sought-after professional speaker ranging from 14,000 person conferences in Las Vegas, to ILEA, NACE , HSMAI Washington DC and more. She is also a highly-regarded trainer & consultant to the industry, as well as a co-author and developer of the ASEP (Association of Special Event Professionals) wedding certification training program in which she certified and trained wedding professionals including Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, and more.

Kerry Lee got her start in special events in the hospitality industry as a Director of Catering & Weddings, as well as management training with Nordstrom in Special Events, and has served on retainer to the original “Horse Whisperer” Monty Roberts and his wife Pat as their exclusive corporate event planner on their property and in their home working with companies such as Mercedes Benz, Edison, and more at their Flag Is Up Farms ranch in Santa Ynez (now called Whispering Rose when it is used for weddings). During her career, she developed several marketing and wedding service concepts, including Wine With a Wedding Planner, The Affordable Wedding Planning Series, The Mobile Wedding Planning Tour for Two, The Groom’s & Gentlemen’s Bootcamp, and more. Perhaps most of note is the “Mobile Wedding Planning Fair/Experience” developed in 2004 long before the first “faux wedding” which captured the interest for a distinctive category in Grace Ormonde’s Wedding Style Magazine, as well as the Texas Board of Tourism who sought out Kerry Lee for more details on how they could develop this concept for their revenue stream.  An avid writer , Kerry Lee’s articles for Special Events Magazine online have reached the top 4 on Google several times, and her consultancy for wedding businesses and the hospitality industry- Engaging Inspiration– has her on retainer with several properties nationwide for their marketing endeavors and training of their staff.

Success is defined many ways. One of them is if a business can pay the bills exclusively through their product/service alone and maintain longevity doing so. Kerry Lee’s success as one of the area’s top wedding businesses is evident in her deep roots, connections and reputation for integrity with the local venues, resorts and wedding businesses. But perhaps of note especially is that she successfully ran her business as a single working mother putting her daughter through private school without moonlighting or holding another job/career on the side to make ends meet. In other words, she “paid the bills” exclusively from the wedding and special event industry with no financial help from any other person or entity.  In an industry, state and county where this is extremely rare, this is one of her defining hallmarks as a successful wedding businesswoman.   But what Kerry Lee counts as the most successful aspect of her career is the ability to choose when and where to work, to truly choose the clients with whom she connects and loves so that she enjoys the work she does, and ultimately, so she can make more room for what she loves most in life:  her family, travel, the performing arts and being of service to humanity.

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